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Make a registered and certified capture of your website and store it safely

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Certified captures protect your content in case of copy or IP infringement

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About us is a service of registered capture, digital depot of webpages and files...
base de donnees is a service of legal Web capture, electronic deposit of digital files and visible (institutional pages) web pages  contents on the Internet, making it possible to establish a bailiff statement online or a simple capture ( shoot) registered at a bailiff office, to protect copyright of your website contents, graphic design, visual identity, source codes, everything about the global identity of your internet activity both in "Front" ( the "Back office" shoould be registered as a single registration). All types of websites are protected by a deposit with several screen shots from one of our bailiffs. These deposits of screenshots are a means or evidence of anteriority of your web interface, in any form (showcase site, blog, e-commerce, portal, etc.)..

Our commitments

Help the web to be "Ip certified", proven against copy
base de donnees
Depot-web proposes a monitoring service that provides automatic and certified web page capture. You can now supervise your competitors or suspicious website by online recording of the URL. Generate a proof portofiolio for yourself! You receive monthly reports. The online deposit by digital bailiff can be done in real time and available 24/7. Every Depot-Web’s deposit is provided in English and French, then, if the contents captured or deposited present an intellectual property right, this one could be asserted in the 164 countries of the Bern Convention.

Protect my Web!

Online copyright protection under control of judicial officer (usher), copyright on published content on your website, protect the editorial content, plagiarism, fight against libel, register and monitor screenshot of your website , report and evidence of prior art- anteriority, copyright on graphic design, copyright source code ... is a service of capture, electronic deposit for digital file and visible pages on the Internet, making it possible to establish and report by a  bailiff online, to protect copyright of your website or any other unrespected right  on the web, protect and prove graphic design right, corporate identity, source code, everything about the global identity of your internet activity which is disclosed. You can register either "Front" as in "Back Office" contents..

 All types of websites can protected by a deposit of several screenshots from one of our judicial officers. These deposits are a screenshot means of proof and can be produced as  evidence of prior art or content presence on a website, under any form (showcase site, blog, e-commerce, portal, etc..).

Depot web registration proposes the surveillance (monitoring) of your competitors or  "doubtful" site that you would require monitoring  & online registration of URLs, you will receive monthly reports. Deposits online at our judicial officers (bailiff) are processed in real time and at any time you order it (24/24, 7 / 7), any registration proof in Depot-Web is provided in French and English, then, if the content captured or deposited contains an intellectual property right, it could be claimed in the 164 countries of the Berne Convention.

In case of dispute the certified report of deposit receipt provided by depot-web for a trial established by the judicial officer is your major asset, your best protection against unfair competition. Choose to prove your anteriority – prior art- and get the fruits of your labor and benefit of 100% of your rights as it appears in the web (plagiarism, libel, deceptive publicity, unfair competition, injury, ..) is protection and in evidence, brought by depot-web, whose documents are saved Real Time and certified by a bailiff specialized "new technologies "probative and useful mostly unquestionable in case of dispute.